Unlock A New Audience,
Advertise To Hotel Guests

Digital Advertising Without Hefty Agency Fees

4+ Cities

Capturing locations all across Tri-cities and surrounding area

10+ Hotels

Advertise to hotel guests of several well-known brands across the Tri-cities region

< 1 $ A Day

Choose multiple screens with rates much lower than traditional marketing methods

How It Works

From Ad Placement To Getting You Customers !

Place Ad
On Cloud Network

Your new ad & offer is just a few clicks away ! Either 7 second image or video formats are supported

Be Visible
To Captive Audience

Location based ads served to hospitality patrons in lobbies, where they are highly receptive to business like yours

More Customers

We allow customers to access your site, get directions, see menu, purchase tickets, etc. after visiting landing page via QR code

Our Network

We have partnered with hotels in the Tri-cities of Tennessee to help businesses show up where their customers are looking

Where Are You Showing Up ?

At Well Known Hotels

Your ads will show up at Well Known Hotels with average 80+ rooms

On Hotel Public Areas

Your ads will be delivered in hotel public areas such as Front Desk, Lobbies, Vestiblue, Elevators & Seating Area so that you can get advantage of guests’ idle time during check-in

Infront Of Wide Array of Guests

Your ads will reach to wide array of guests such as Tourists, Event Based Travelers, Construction Crews, Sports Teams, Wedding Guests & more…

At Places Where Customers Are Finding Answers

Your ads will be displayed at places Where Customers Are Asking For Business Like Yours to experience local culture, events & attractions

Why Work With Us?

Reasons which separates us from the rest

Savings On Ad-Spends

Traditional marketing channels such as outdoor billboards, newspaper or magazine ad slots, printed flyers, direct mail, etc are too expensive for smaller, local businesses.
We offer beyond just a display ad. Drive traffic to your website to either view menu, buy tickets, get directions, etc.

Targeted Audience

Word of mouth is great but it can only take a business so far.
There is 48% increase in brand awareness by utilizing digital signage.
Businesses use advertising to grow & scale their business. Imagine power of advertising your business to the right, primed audience.
You can make that happen – with us.

Unlimited Ad Updates

Digital billboard are 80% more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods, based on a report by Outdoor Advertising Associations Of America.
Update your ads to reflect new offers, specials or limited time deals without tagging on agency prices.

About Us

At Tofani Media, our mission is to provide local businesses with effective & affordable digital advertising solutions that reach travelers where they are, while also enhancing their experience.
We are committed to helping our partners grow their businesses & achieve their goals

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